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Polished concrete

The opportunities are endless

Smart Polished Concrete Systems

retain the natural beauty of concrete

Polishing the concrete surface transforms your concrete floor into a beautiful, long lasting, very low maintenance floor that will have a smooth glass like finish.

Polished concrete solutions for you

A smooth, flat finish used for internal areas, revealing the decorative aggregates in either a full depth, medium or partial exposure. Polished concrete can be sealed, similar to timber floor boards or highly polished like stone or terrazzo.


• Can be very decorative

• Very low maintenance

• Stain resistant

• Abrasion resistant

• Permanent and long lasting

• No waxing, coating or stripping needed

• Allergen, mold, and mildew resistant

• At highest polish, increases light by 30%

• Excellent value

• Most cement floors will respond well to the concrete polishing process.