Can we use polished concrete with underfloor heating?

Yes. When choosing heating options for your home, polished concrete floors work exceptionally well with underfloor heating.

As concrete has a high thermal mass, it absorbs, stores and releases temperatures slowly. Therefore, when combined with an underfloor heating system, the thermal mass will retain heat within the floor. Unlike a traditional heating system where heat is not released once switched off, your rooms will stay warm for longer.


  • Interior design – With no need for traditional heaters like radiators, a minimalist design is created offering a high end, luxurious look.  As no space restrictions are created, the design of the home remains non-impacted. No radiators, grills or vents that can become visibly dirty are on display. Everything related to the heating is below the floor. 
  • Cost effective – Although the outlay may be expensive with installation costs, in the long run underfloor heating is highly cost effective. Heating bills will be lower, therefore, saving you money. 
  • Improved heat distribution – As the heating system is underneath the entire floor, if it is well planned and installed, heat will be nicely and evenly distributed throughout the home. 
  • Less home cleaning – With less space restrictions and items on view, arises less places to gather dust and debris. As the floor becomes warm, and the chill of the cold concrete is taken off, there will also be less need for footwear indoors. By leaving outdoor shoes by the front door, this will reduce the amount of exterior dirt entering your home, hence, in turn less cleaning for you. 
  • Comfort – Temperature can be adjusted depending on preference and time of year. Concrete’s thermal mass also allows you to reduce the temperature, creating a cooler home when desired. All of this can provide you with high levels of comfort, while consuming significantly less energy. It’s also a win-win for the environment. 
  • Quietness – Traditional heating systems, including radiators, often have a tendency to grunt and groan as they work. Underfloor heating systems are quite the opposite and are generally quieter. Your home will become noticeably silent, filled simply with pure luxurious warmth. 
  • Health and safety – Underfloor heating is both child and pet safe. No flames or hot surfaces will be exposed within your home, providing you with less worry of a chance of an individual being burned or hurt.

If your house is not a new build, don’t worry. It is likely that even if you already have a polished concrete floor, an underfloor heater may be able to be fitted. We recommend asking a polished concrete specialist to carry out an examination of your floor. They will then be able to discuss with you the different options depending on your current floor situation.

Although concrete floor and underfloor heating work exceptionally well together, there is something you should keep in mind. If temperatures are swiftly changed from warm to cold, or vice versa, shock damage can occur. This could also lead to concrete cracking. Therefore, temperatures of the water heating system should be adjusted slowly; for example, turning the temperature up by one degree Celsius daily.

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