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Polished Concrete

Completely redefine the look, durability and feel of your flooring with polished concrete overlays. Enhancing your existing floor creates a perfectly easy clean and smooth seam-free surface. This removes the need for floor removal, and is an effective yet cheaper option. Polished concrete is quite resistant to chips and stains and also moisture resistant, hence, it is very long lasting.

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SIBS Extreme Flow
Polished Overlay

Extreme Flow is a self-levelling overlay. This excels on its resistance and the combination of these 4 characteristics: 1: No shrinkage or contraction
2: Extremely high compressive strength C 60 N/mm2
3: Extremely high flexural strength F 13 +
4: High Abrasion Resistance from Böhme A5 to A 1,5

These unique technical characteristics are achieved in application of the material in only 10 mm thickness.

Extreme flow can also be applied seamless. As it is a self-levelling overlay it is pumpable, which makes it easy and fast to apply.

Extreme Flow is used for the creation of colour uniform floors. These are available in any colour within the RAL Colour Chart.

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CTS TRU Bagged Colour Options

TRU Polished Concrete Overlays

All of these are laid at 10mm thickness.

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Cement Product Types



TRU® PC Polished Concrete is a high-flow topping that simulates polished concrete after grinding and polishing to expose the aggregate. Used for polished concrete floors in schools, airports, warehouses, retail, restaurants and more. TRU PC is available in natural and grey colours.

5. Tru natural

TRU Natural

TRU® Self-Levelling is a polishable topping that provides long flow life, working time, and a smooth strong surface with high-bond strength. This can be customised by adding decorative aggregate or integral colours. Used for finished floors in commercial, institutional and recreational facilities.

TRU Grey

TRU Gray

Rapid Set TRU GRAY the decorative floor in a grey colour for use both indoors and outdoors.
This is a high-quality, innovative, self-levelling, mineral design floor, based on special cement technology; ideal where high early strength, durability and low shrinkage setting are desired. TRU GRAY maintains workability for up to 20 minutes and is ready for foot traffic after 2-3 hours.



TRU SP is a high-flow topping with a specialized aggregate that creates a salt and pepper appearance on polished, decorative floors. It can be customised by adding decorative aggregate. Used for polished concrete floors in schools, airports, warehouses, retail, restaurants, and more. TRU SP is available in natural and grey colours.

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Polished concrete floors are the perfect choice for a modern aesthetic

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Polished concrete floors are the perfect choice for a modern aesthetic

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Polished concrete floors are the perfect choice for a modern aesthetic

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Yes. This will leave a mixed exposure aggregate finish, also known as a Super Concrete existing finish. This occurs by repeatedly grinding and polishing an existing floor, leaving you with a smoother, more even floor with varying levels of aggregate exposure and unmatched resistance to wear.

There is no dust created during the restoration process, because we use diamond abrasives and water. Our trained technicians are also mindful of your wood island units, countertops and kick boards so extra precaution and protective measures are taken before work commences.

Absolutely! In fact, polished concrete is arguably the most eco-friendly flooring solution you could install. Concrete is a natural surface comprised of rock and water. Plus, it’s frequently recycled, reducing your carbon footprint. The durability of polished concrete means it lasts longer than most products and results in less waste. 

The concrete polishing process is permanent. Your polished concrete can last a lifetime without needing to be re-polished in most cases, although sometimes re-polishing is necessary in very heavy-duty environments. Keep in mind all concrete will crack. However, these cracks can be part of the appeal of your floor and add rustic charm or if you prefer can be repaired.

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Polished Concrete

Give your floor a unique, glossy finish that will last you a lifetime.

SIBS Extreme Style Terrazzo

Create truly seamless, high performance Terrazzo floors.

Floor Preparation

Eliminate the need for further floor demolition and removal, saving you time and money.

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