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Concrete Sealing

A flooring solution of beauty & strength

Concrete sealing or coating are top coats used to protect or beautify the concrete substrate.

Coated or sealed concrete is where the concrete has either a penetrating or top coat sealer applied. This is different to polished concrete. Coated concrete can provide anti-slip coatings. There are many variations so please contact us to discuss your safety requirements.

Depending on the types of coatings required, there are small but important preliminary steps.

The types of coatings vary and include:
sealers that sit in the surface of the concrete
special water proofing liquids that penetrate and solidify
top coating systems the bond to the surface of the concrete.
Each application requires the right product for the type of use it may be subjected to. For example, a floor needs to be sealed in an aircraft hanger. Due to leaking chemicals used in the aircraft industry it would require a chemical resistant epoxy, resin, aliphatic polyurea etc. The wrong product will break down, letting the chemicals migrate into the concrete substrate.