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Polished Concrete

  • Polished concrete flooring is being used in retail stores, schools, commercial buildings and residential homes as an alternative to marble, granite, tile, wood, and linoleum.
  • Polishing the concrete surface transforms your concrete floor into a beautiful, long lasting, very low maintenance floor that will have a smooth glass like finish.
  • It’s mirror like finish can actually appear wet or you can have a marble, matte, or semi gloss finish. The final finish actually feels soft to the touch and silky smooth.
  • Concrete polishing allows for the restoration of older concrete slabs and the improvement of new concrete floors.
  • Polished concrete can be colored using concrete stain and concrete dye, allowing for a very decorative appearance instead of just plain gray.
  • By adding multiple colors to the surface a polished floor can be turned into a unique work of art.

Aesthetic Appeal & Outstanding Durability

Polished concrete can have a stunning effect, this beautiful surface when polished to perfection not only provides durable floor space but adds a high-quality shine to any environment. It is similar to sanding wood and it refers to the professional grinding of large concrete slabs and is a process of removal and refinement. High quality polished concrete has a high gloss and is very flat for crisp, low distortion reflections.

Polished concrete floors are the perfect choice for a modern aesthetic in your home and they are incredibly hard wearing. Recent advances in polishing equipment and techniques, mean SMART POLISHED CONCRETE SYSTEMS can grind concrete floor surfaces, whether new or old, to a high-gloss finish that never needs waxes or coatings to give a unique finish. Concrete floors are less slippery than floors made of materials like linoleum and porcelain which is another of the benefits of these smooth, high-luster floors.

Types of concrete floor finishes:

There are different types of concrete floor finishes that Smart Polished Concrete Systems offer which are available in four different surface finishes and degrees of aggregate exposure:

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. It’s the grinding depth and number of polishing steps that differentiate the finishes.

The custom floor. Besides the four concepts Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, you can also have a custom finish that matches your specific preferences for aggregate and gloss.


With its finely honed upper layer, Bronze is the simplest HTC SuperfloorTM. The aggregate will not be visible.

This produces a smooth and matte surface with somewhat lower resistance to wear.

Best in applications with limited wear.


Silver is a less glossy variant of Platinum because the grinding depth is

The same. The polishing steps, however, are fewer. It thus provides

a matte but strong floor.


Gold entails that the floor is not ground as deep as with Platinum.

However, the floor is polished to the same gloss. Gold can therefore

be a good choice for concrete foors that are already smooth and even.


Platinum is the best of the best. By repeatedly grinding and polishing the floor, you get

a smoother, more even floor with more aggregate exposure and unmatched resistance to wear.

Platinum is the most popular surface finish and is a good choice for most applications.

HTC SUPERFLOOR TM is a natural floor

The custom floor. Besides the four concepts Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, you can also have a custom finish that matches your specific preferences for aggregate and gloss.


Despite what many might believe, a highly polished HTC SuperfloorTM is safer when it comes to avoiding slipping accidents than many other floors, even when wet. This means a safer and more comfortable working environment.


The extremely smooth surface entails minimal vibrations when moving goods with forklifts, for example. This means a better working environment, with forklift operators, for example, being less exposed to vibrations. At the same time, it also reduces forklift wear and maintenance costs. A smooth concrete floor is a prerequisite for installation of high-bay storage systems, with their especially stringent demands on tolerances.


There are stringent demands in many operations for resistance to electrostatic discharge, ESD.

HTC SUPERFLOOR TM has been tested in accordance with EN 1815:1997, SS- EN 61340-5-1, IEC 61340-4-1 and complies with the American ANSI/ESD standard, which makes it an excellent floor even in sensitive environments. HTC SuperfloorTM also meets the requirements of the highest EU fire safety classification per A1FL (96/603/EC), and is thus considered as fully fireproof.